The JB-108 is a fully containerized dismountable unit that consists of 100% ISO sea containers.

Length 30.5 mtr
Breadth 22.0 mtr
Depth 2.9 mtr
Draft (MAX) 2.3 mtr


Deck space 600m2
Length 30.5 meter
Breadth 22.0 meter
Depth (height of pontoon) 2.9 meter
Leg length 47.4 meter
Leg diameter 1.4 meter
Moon pool 102 centimeters (diameter)
Jacking speed 15 meter/hr
Jacking stroke 1.5 meter
Maximum pay load 400 tons
Powerpack 1 Diesel hydraulic powerpack 280 kW
Current velocity 2.0 meter / second
Wind velocity 13.0 meter / second
Wave height preload ~2.0 meter touch down & leg pull ~1.0 meter

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