The JB-114 is a MSC SEA-2000 self-elevating unit and built in 2009. It’s registered with ABS. The leg length is 73 mtr and has a maximum pay load of 1,250 tons and in addition has a crane capacity of 300 tons.

Length 55.50 meter
Breadth 32.20 meter
Depth 5.00 meter
Draft (max) 3.60 meter / 5,0 incl. spudcan


Deck area 450 m2
Leg length 73.15 meter (opt. 78.85 meter)
Leg diameter 3.00 meter
Spudcan 24 m2 each (removable)
Heli deck Size 19.5 meter diameter
Heli deck capacity Super Puma / 9.3 tons
Wave height / period (max.) Hs. 1.5 meter / 5 seconds
Wind speed (max.) 8 meter / second
Crane Make Favelle Favco Cranes, Malaysia
Crane Type PC 300 Offshore Pedestal crane
Crane capacity 300 tons at 22 meter radius / 52 tons at 62 meter radius
Crane boom length 60 - 90 meter

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