Reflecting on the Team Building Day 2024

    On June 13th, 2024, our team gathered for the highly anticipated J-UB/Swift Team Building Day in Den Hout. The event was a blend of team-building activities, meaningful interactions, and constructive moments, all under the expert guidance of Timo Lamboo and his assistant coaches. While not everyone could attend due to various reasons, which was unfortunate, we were grateful to have the majority of the team present. This collective participation was key. For those who couldn’t join or for anyone with feedback, we encourage you to approach any member of the organizing team without hesitation. Your input is valuable and helps us improve future events. For this monthly company update, we will highlight the key moments and summarize the day.


    • Location: The serene waterside and wooded surroundings of Het Houtse Meer provided a stunning backdrop, ideal for our activities. We were fortunate to have beautiful weather and enjoyed excellent food, drinks, and outstanding service, which received positive reactions and appreciation from everyone.
    • Trust: The morning sessions included engaging group assignments that fostered communication, and we got to know each other better. We learned how to be a better listener, and how to ask the right questions.
    • Conflict: Then, we have collectively been open to addressing conflicts by expressing to each other what we believe is not going well within the organization. Although this is not easy, some important issues have come to light. We want to thank you for your honesty and courage in doing this, and for keeping each other within the playing field.
    • Boxing Sessions: These sessions taught us valuable lessons in setting boundaries, guiding each other, and staying connected through mindful practices like monitoring our breathing. It was a lively and enjoyable hour that energized the team.
    • Positive Focus: Following the boxing sessions, we shifted our focus to positive aspects by expressing appreciation for our work and the organization. We discussed future improvements and showed mutual appreciation through compliments and encouragement.
    • Commitment: Finally, we synthesized all the day’s input into the “Pact of Den Hout,” distilling our collective insights into actionable commitments for the future.


    The day’s program was carefully designed to balance structured activities with informal interactions, ensuring engagement and participation from all team members. The team-building exercises effectively enhanced collaboration and communication skills, despite initial reservations. Timo Lamboo’s facilitation injected energy and valuable insights into each session, guiding us through meaningful discussions. It’s important to highlight the constructive nature of these discussions. Addressing areas for improvement, fostering open dialogue, and aligning expectations are vital steps towards collective growth. Let’s continue to encourage each other not to let challenges go unresolved, but to collaboratively turn them into opportunities for improvement. Let’s not let get the fish rot and go to waste, but make a nice meal out of it together!

    Mostly, the day provided a valuable opportunity for team bonding in a different environment, laying a strong foundation for a more cohesive team moving forward. We eagerly anticipate the next opportunity to gather and continue our growth as a team!

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