2023 | Elevating Safety 4 campaigns

    We are thrilled to announce the launch of our safety program for the year 2023. Check out these four safety campaigns that ensure we all return home safely

    As part of this initiative, we will focus on different safety aspects to encourage safe behavior among all personnel on board. Campaigns scheduled for 2023 include:

    1. Respond vs React: It is important to respond consciously to unforeseen situations. We urge all personnel to think before acting, especially when situations do not turn out as expected.
    2. Chronic unease: Preventing complacency, degradation of risk perception and being too comfortable in the workplace environment is crucial for safety.
    3. Communication: Ensuring that information is communicated correctly in all kinds of ways.
    4. Red Zone/Barrier Management: Focus on “red zones”, restricted areas on board and other hazardous areas and ensure these are respected and maintained.

    Let’s work together to make sure we all come home safely. Let’s elevate safety in 2023!

    Onboard Confined Space Rescue Training

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