JB-117 Self Elevating Platform

The JB-117 is a MSC SEA-3250 self-elevating unit and built in 2011. It’s registered with ABS. The leg length is 80 mtr and has a maximum pay load of 2,000 tons and in addition has a crane capacity of 1,000 tons.

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Technical specifications

Type MSC SEA-3250
Make/Yard Labroy Marine Limited, Singapore (2011)
Class A.B.S. - A1 Self Elevating Unit
Name JB-117
  Main Dimensions
Length 75.90 meter
Breadth 40.00 meter
Depth 6.00 meter
Draft max. 3.90 meter
Deck area 2,500 m2
Leg length 80.00 meter, (max. 90.00 meter)
Leg diameter 3.50 meter
Spudcan surface 47.6 m2 each
  Jacking System
Make MSC type 3250
Jacking speed up 0.4 meter/min.
Jacking speed down 0.5 meter/min.
Max. pay load 2,000 tons
  Mooring system
Winches 4x 44 tons line pull (500 meter)
Anchors 4 x Delta Flipper, 6.5 tons
Make Favco Cranes, Malaysia
Type PC 1000 Offshore crane
Capacity 1000 tons at 22 meter
220 tons at 76 meter
Boom lenght 60 - 98 meter
  Heli Deck
Size 19.5 meter diameter
Capacity Super Puma/9.3 tons
  Jacking Conditions
Wave height/period max. 1.5 meter/8.0 sec
Wind speed max. 10 meter/sec.
  Survival Conditions (Based on 45 meter water depth)
Max. wave/height/period 15.0 meter/12.5 sec. (air gap 13.5 m.)
Wind speed 39.0 meter/sec.
Fixed accommodation Up to 64 POB (option to be increased to 250)