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Self-Elevating Platforms

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Jack-Up Barge owns and operates several types of self-elevating platforms in the offshore renewable, oil & gas, decommissioning and civil construction market. Jack-Up Barge is a privately owned company and is working with a team of dedicated employees on all day to day operational matters from its head office in The Netherlands.

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Jack-Up Barge wants to know what is happening in the industry and is continuously learning from the day to day operations of our platforms. This to achieve an overall safe and sound working environment both on shore and offshore.

To stay updated about the developments in the industry, Jack-Up barge is a member of:

Supplier-Management-Association-for-the-European-Oil-&-Gas-industry-(Sellihca) European-Wind-Energy-Association-(EWEA) International-Jack-Up-Barge-Owners-Association-(IJUBOA) International-Marine-Contractors-Association-(IMCA) Supplier-Management-Association-for-the-Nordic-Utilities-industry-(FPAL) Association-of-Dutch-Suppliers-in-the-Oil-and-Gas-Industry-(IRO)