Bye Bye Dubai!

The JB114 is on her way to Abu Dhabi after a successful completion of her project in Dubai, UAE.

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Young IRO members visit the JB-115

Jack-Up Barge has had a pleasure hosting a site visit for the members of Young IRO on the JB-115 in Rotterdam, Netherlands on the 14th of February 2019.

It has been great meeting young professionals onboard one of our barges.

We thank all the members for the visit!

Offshore at your side.

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Craftsmen at Work

To become a partner for reliable offshore support services we not only need the most reliable self-elevating platforms. It requires a dedicated team of craftsmen able to support globally. We are proud to have such team at Jack-Up Barge.

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JB-118 Crane Boom Extension

@Jack-Up Barge we believe that size matters: hence, the crane boom of our JB118 has been extended to nearly 100m (!). 

This boom length combined with a 1000T crane capacity, 204 POB and a deck space with a size of 2 tennis courts, makes our JB118 jack up barge an ideal offshore project tool.

Offshore at your side!


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