JB119 | Family Day of discovery

    Family visit on the JB119 in Vlissingen

    On the 26th of May, a few office staff members had the pleasure of inviting their family members to visit the JB-119 in Flushing/Vlissingen. This discovery outing allowed our guests to understand our business better and see a real-life jack-up platform up close.

    Upon arrival, all the guests were excited and curious. It is not every day you witness an impressive piece of engineering like the JB-119 up close. Our Offshore Installation Manager (OIM) gave visitors a special guided tour and a fascinating and informative experience on board. From technical details to daily operations, every question was answered.

    After the tour, our talented cook from Oceanwide, Robert Zubowicz, prepared a delicious meal for the guests. Robert’s delightful dishes were the perfect way to conclude a day filled with new insights of how things work on a jack-up barge.

    The family members left the JB-119 with a deeper understanding of our work, a special Day of Discovery.

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