JB-119 Self Elevating Platform

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Technical specifications

  Technical data
Classification GL + 100 A5 K50, Self Elevating Unit
Make/Yard Westernshipbuilding, Klaipeda Lithuania
Class 100 A5 K50, Self Elevating Unit
Name JB-119
  Main Dimensions
Length 46.10 meter
Breadth 30.00 meter
Depth 4.60 meter
Draft maximum 3.25 meter
Deck area 700 m2
Leg length 60.0 meter
Leg diameter 2.00 x 2.00 meter
Spudcan surface 10.50 m2 each (removable)
Moon Pools 2 x Ø 550 millimeter
  Jacking System
Make Muns Techniek
Jacking speed up 1.25 meter/minute
Jacking speed down 1.25 meter/minute
Max. pay load 900 tons
  Mooring system
Winches 2x 17.5 tons double drum winches
2x 17.5 tons single drum winches
Anchors 4x Delta Flipper, 4 tons
  Main crane
Make Liebherr
Type BOS 7500 heavy lift crane
Capacity 300 tons at 15 meter radius
82 tons at 40 meter radius
Boom lenght 66 - 78 meter
  Jacking Conditions
Wave height / period max. 1.2 meter/4.3 seconds
Wind speed max. 12 meter/second (current max. 0.5 m/s)
  Survival Conditions (based on 35 meter water depth)
Wave height / period max. 4.5 meter/6.0 seconds (air gap 6.3 meter)
Wind speed max. 15.0 meter/second
Fixed accommodation Up to 40 POB (option to be increased to 120)