JB-118 Self Elevating Platform

The JB-118 is a MSC SEA-3250 self-elevating unit and built in 2013. It’s registered with ABS. The leg length is 90 mtr and has a maximum pay load of 2,500 tons and in addition has a maximum crane capacity of 1,000 tons.

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Technical specifications

Type MSC SEA-3250
Make/Yard CMHI, China (2013)
Class A.B.S. - A1 Self Elevating Unit
Name JB-118
  Main Dimensions
Length 75.90 meter
Breadth 40.00 meter
Depth 6.00 meter
Draft maximum 3.5 m / 6.8 m incl. spudcans
Deck area 1.500 m2 (up to 2.500 m)
Leg length 90.00 m (extendable)
Leg diameter 3.50 meter
Spudcan 45 m2 each (removable)
  Jacking System
Make MSC hydraulic positive engagement
Jacking speed up max. 0.4 m / minute (synchronous)
Jacking speed down max. 0.5 m / minute (synchronous)
Capacity 3,250 t pre-load per leg
  Mooring system
Winches 4x 44 tons line pull (500 meter)
Length 500 installed + 500 optional
Type electric driven
Anchors 4 x Delta Flipper
Weight 6 t
  Tanks Capacity
Fuel oil 4363
Fresh water 3273
Make Favelle Favco Cranes, Malaysia
Type PC 1000 Offshore Pedestal crane
Boom length installed 98 m
Capacity installed 500 t @ 40 m
Capacity optional 1000 t @ 22 m
Outreach 99.3 m (from crane center)
  Jacking Conditions
Wave height (max. Hs) 1.5 m
Wind speed (max.) 10 m / s
  Survival Conditions
Wave height (max. Hs) 1.5 m
Wind speed (max.) 10 m / s
While elevated 204 POB
During tow 102 POB
Cabins 74
  Heli Deck
Size 19.5 meter diameter
Capacity Super Puma/9.3 t
  Fuel Consumption
Under tow/Stand-by 3 m3/ day
Crane Lifting/jacking 5 m3/ day
DP2 (optional) 1 m3/ day
Variable load 1650 t
Recommended BP for tug tow 65-80 t
  Optional Portable Dynamic Positioning System
Type DP2 Kongsberg K-pos, including Cyscan
Thrusters 4 x Veth L-drive, VL-900