JB-104 Self Elevating Platform

The JB-104 is a dismountable and containerised jackup barge, built in 2004. It is registered with DNVGL Class. The unit has 47.4m leg length, a maximum payload capacity of 400 tons, and free usable deck space of approx 450m2.

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Technical specifications

Type Fully containerised [100% ISO Seacontainers], dismountable unit
Series RCP400
Class DNVGL - 100 A5 (RSA 20) self elevating unit
Name JB-104
  Main Dimensions
Length 30.5 meter
Breadth 17.1 meter
Depth (Height of pontoon) 2.9 meter
Leg length 47.4 meter
Leg diameter 1.4 meter
Moonpool 51 cm diameter
  Jacking System
Jacking speed 15 meter/hr.
Jacking stroke 1.5 meter
Max. pay load 400 tons
Powerpack 1 Diesel hydraulic powerpack 280 kW
  Operation Conditions
Max. water depth 25-30 meter (depending location)
Wave height 2 meter
Current velocity 2 m/s
Wind velocity 13 m/s