Portable DP2 System

The JB 117 and JB 118 are suitable to be equipped with a Portable Dynamic Positioning System (DP 2) that enables the units to operate between offshore work sites.

An Azimuth thruster will be place on each corner of the jack-up barge together with a power supply container. An additional 30’ container will be placed on the jack-up barge and will be used as a control room. Each thruster is fully retractable.

If required, the thrusters, together with the power supply containers and control room can be removed from the jack-up barge for world wide shipment. The units can also be installed on units and pontoons.

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Technical specifications

Key Benefits
Only in DP2 'mode' when needed - cost efficient
Portable system
Four retractable Azimuth trusters with approx 15t trust each
Easy to transport
Deployable world wide
Diesel Electric driven
Most suitable for infield moves
Developed with Veth Propulsion
Portable DPS-2 system
Thrustertype 4x Veth L-drive, type VL-900
Power 900 kW / 900 r.p.m.
Thrust 148 kN
Weight 33.000 kg each
Dimensions 8505 x 2440 x 2970 mm (L x W x H)
Type powercontainer 30' sea container
Dimensions 9140 x 2438 x 2891 mm
Weight (dry) 23.100 kg
DP System Kongsberg K-pos including Cyscan