Logistics Employee

    Logistics Employee

    Establish your impact at Jack-Up Barge & Swift Drilling
    Supporting Offshore Energy

    Are you passionate about logistics? Do you thrive in a dynamic environment where your attention to detail and organizational skills make a real impact? If so, then we have the perfect role for you at Jack-Up Barge and Swift Drilling. Join our team and make your impact in the offshore industry.ย Jack-Up Barge and Swift Drilling are part of VanEsgroup.com/family.

    About Jack-Up Barge & Swift Drilling

    Jack-Up Barge and Swift Drilling jointly own and operate a fleet of self-elevating jack-ups utilized in offshore energy operations. With more than 20 year experience operating worldwide. As front-runner in this highly specialized segment of offshore and marine services, we assist major energy companies globally in achieving their goals in the energy transition, providing support wherever their operations take place offshore.

    Your Responsibilities and position in our organization

    As a Logistics Employee, you play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth flow of our logistical processes and getting the right products at the right place and on time. You will report directly to the procurement manager, and you will have close contact with the rig managers, crew on board the barges and the senior purchasers. But also with our suppliers, subcontractors and logistic partners.

    Operational responsibilities

    • Ensure receipt of the purchased goods and services;
    • Ensure correct administrative processing of the goods and services in the warehouse;
    • Arrange transportation concerning the nature of goods against the most economical solution;
    • Arranging (international) transportation by truck, air, or otherwise between โ€œex worksโ€ delivery from the supplier until received on board the barges (or any other place when required);
    • Prepare and process customs documents for in- and export of goods, including our own free zone in Oosterhout;
    • Maintain good housekeeping in the stores, levels, and locations of the goods over the various warehouses in Oosterhout and on the barges (remote);
    • Maintain the article database in the Procurement software (Create, update, contracts and stock levels);
    • Contribute to the optimization of the spare part database in STAR IPS/FSM;
    • Contribute to identify and implement critical and strategic spares in the database.

    Additional responsibilities on Health, Safety and Environment

    • Demonstrates personal commitment to JUBO and Client Safety Management system;
    • Fully respects the environment and thinks in terms of sustainability.

    ย Accountabilities

    • Accountable for the choice for the correct means of transport, have the goods on time on the right place;
    • Accountable for the logistics, related paperwork, customs, and stock levels;
    • Accountable for maintaining the article database;
    • Accountable for maintaining good day-to-day contacts with suppliers and the locations where the goods are received;
    • Accountable to make all efforts to meet related applicable laws and regulations and internal policies and procedures as described in the JUBOโ€™s Management System and Responsibility Matrix. Contactsย & communication

    Contacts & communication

    • Report to the procurement manager;
    • Close contact with purchase department, Rig Managers, and all parties regarding the progress of logistics;
    • Directly in contact with our suppliers, subcontractors, and logistic partners.

    ย Your Experience & Quality

    • Background in procurement/logistics (MBO-level);
    • 1-3 years experience in offshore or marine logistics or environment;
    • Good communication skills;
    • Dutch native speaker and fluent in English;
    • Strong computer literacy (Office 365).

    Your personal skills

    • Accuracy: preventing errors; ensuring that the activities are executed on time in an orderly and accurate manner;
    • Networking: maintain supplier relationships;
    • Teamwork: together contribute to a joint result, even if no immediate self-interest is present;
    • Flexible: adaption of the method and its behavior to changing circumstances, open to new ideas, improvising is aimed at achieving goals;
    • Organizational awareness: to be aware of how the organization functions, including organization culture;
    • Integrity: maintains integrity, ethical standards (anti-bribery and anti-corruption policy), and social values in words and behavior towards employees, colleagues, and external contacts;
    • IT knowledge: familiar with the present common ICT programs (Windows Office 365) and willing to learn new applications

    About our team

    We operate with a close-knit commercial team that enjoys extensive exposure both internally and externally, spanning all levels, from offshore crew to C-level executives. The selection of a deal captain for each transaction is a collective decision within our team, with others providing support as needed. Our approach is organic and strictly meritocraticโ€”those with the relevant expertise step forward, and we collaboratively assist one another unconditionally.

    What can you expect at our HQ

    We present an enticing opportunity for personal and professional growth, including travel and comprehensive on-the-job training within a close-knit team. Situated in our state-of-the-art headquarters in Oosterhout, equipped with all expected amenities, we operate across diverse markets. A competitive salary complemented by attractive benefits is part of our offering.

    Our company culture is that our organization and employees share the same values. We value care for safety and the environment, entrepreneurship and reliability and integrity. We strive to create for our team a great place to work and achieve the best every day. We celebrate milestones and organize special events for team building. Furthermore, we work closely together to achieve the best for our clients and projects. But also passion, cooperation, trust, integrity, ownership and a great and healthy workplace with room to grow belong to our family values. Become part of our offshore family.

    Contact our HR departmentย 

    We are continuously seeking talented team players. If you have any questions about ourย vacancies or wish to submit an open application, send your resume and motivation to our HR director Hannah Bom.

    ย Contact information

    Jack-Up Barge & Swift Drilling
    Everdenberg 17
    4902 TT Oosterhout

    The Netherlands
    +31 0184 420091

    Additional information

    Van Es Group is a Dutch family owned and operated company, and we use this family oriented approach for all our clients, employees, network and suppliers. Part of Van Es Group are: Jack-Up Barge, Swift Drilling, Dutch Offshore Contractors, Z-Bridge, The Offshore Partners, Heavy Lift Crane Company, World Wide Equipment, PVE Crane Rental & Services and Tetrahedron.

    Want to know more about Van Es Group and our family members? Get in touch with us, info@vanesholding.com.