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    Are you the enthusiastic Human Resource Officer we are searching for? Your role involves effectively overseeing human resources activities, with a specific focus on supporting workforce management, recruitment, and retention. Are you ready to embrace the challenges of the dynamic offshore industry? Don’t hesitate, apply now for the Human Resource Officer position at Jack Up Barge and Swift Drilling. Part of

    About Jack-Up Barge & Swift Drilling

    Jack-Up Barge and Swift Drilling jointly own and operate a fleet of self-elevating jack-ups utilized in offshore energy operations. With more than 20 year experience operating worldwide. As frontrunner in this highly specialized segment of offshore and marine services, we assist major energy companies globally in achieving their goals in the energy transition, providing support wherever their operations take place offshore.

    Your Responsibilities

    Recruitment and selection: Coordinate the recruitment process for offshore and onshore positions, including preparing vacancies, managing applications and interviewing candidates. Collaborating with external recruitment agencies and building a pool of qualified candidates.
    Personnel management: Support the preparation and implementation of HR policies and procedures. Manage personnel files, including contracts, performance reviews and training.
    Training and Development: Identify training needs and work with training partners to develop programs that promote staff professional development. Ensure compliance with required safety training and certifications.
    Labor relations: Assist in managing employment relationships and resolving disputes. Act as a confidential point of contact for employees regarding HR-related matters.
    Health and Safety: Maintain a culture of health open communication within the workforce. Collaborate with relevant departments to ensure working conditions meet the right standards.
    Compensation and Benefits: Assist in the administration of the compensation and benefits program for especially office personnel. Ensure compliance with relevant labour legislation.
    Reporting and Analysis: Collect and analyse HR-related data to identify trends and make recommendations to improve HR processes.
    Compliance with Laws and Regulations: Ensure compliance with national and international laws and regulations regarding labour and HR processes.

    Your Experience & Quality

    • Reports to HR-Director Van Es Group Hannah Bom.
    • Working closely together with our Crewing Manager Jack-Up Barge/Swift Drilling.
    • Bachelor degree in Human Resources Management or equivalent qualifications.
    • A minimum of 2-5 years of experience in an HR role within the offshore or marine environment is required.
    • Strong generalist background, hands on approach and experience in dealing with a variety of HR issues.
    • Confident directing HR with a clear vision on HRM and demonstrated advising skills.
    • In-depth knowledge of Dutch Labour Law and HR best practices.
    • Master good communication skills in Dutch and English.
    • Proficient in Microsoft Office.

    Your personal skills

    • Communication and relationship building skills: communicates effectively with all the stakeholders and team members.
    • Initiative: ability to obtain information from several sources to address present needs.
    • Identify: priorities and manage accordingly.
    • Problem solving: solves problems while ensuring rules and directives are followed.
    • Coaching leadership: the ability to establish a team effort that promotes working towards a common goal. Being able to correct behavior in a constructive way.
    • Flexible: adaption of the method and its behaviour to changing circumstances, open to new ideas, improvising is aimed at achieving goals.
    • Organising and planning: determine goals and priorities and indicate the necessary actions, time and resources in order to achieve these goals.
    • Accuracy: preventing errors ensures that the activities are executed in an orderly and accurate manner.
    • Organisational awareness: to be aware of how the organisation functions, including organisation culture.
    • Integrity: maintains integrity, ethical standards (anti bribery and anti-corruption policy) and social values in words and behaviour towards employees, colleagues and external contacts.

    About our team

    We operate with a close-knit team at Jack-Up Barge & Swift Drilling that enjoys extensive exposure both internally and externally, spanning all levels, from offshore crew to C-level executives. The HR-Officer rapporteert aan de HR-Director van de Van Es Group en werkt nauw samen met de Crewing Manager van JUB/ Swift. Our approach is organic and strictly meritocratic—those with the relevant expertise step forward, and we collaboratively assist one another unconditionally.

    What can you expect at our HQ

    We present an enticing opportunity for personal and professional growth, including travel and comprehensive on-the-job training within a close-knit team. Situated in our state-of-the-art headquarters in Oosterhout, equipped with all expected amenities, we operate across diverse markets. A competitive salary complemented by attractive benefits is part of our offering.

    Our company culture is that our organization and employees share the same values. We value care for safety and the environment, entrepreneurship and reliability and integrity. We strive to create for our team a great place to work an achieve the best every day. We celebrate milestones and organise special events for teambuilding. We work closely together to achieve the best for our clients and projects. But also passion, cooperation, trust, integrity, ownership and a great and healthy workplace with room to grow belong to our family values. Become part of our offshore family.

    Contact our HR department 

    We are continuously seeking talented team players. If you have any questions about our vacancies or wish to submit an open application, send your resume and motivation to our HR-director Hannah Bom.

     Contact information

    Jack-Up Barge & Swift Drilling
    Everdenberg 17
    4902 TT Oosterhout

    The Netherlands
    +31 0184 420091

    Additional information

    Van Es Group is a Dutch family owned and operated company and we use this family oriented approach for all our clients, employees, network and suppliers. Part of Van Es Group are: Jack-Up Barge, Swift Drilling, Dutch Offshore Contractors, Z-Bridge, The Offshore Partners, Heavy Lift Crane Company, World Wide Equipment, PVE Crane Rental & Services and Tetrahedron.

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